Wednesday 11 March 2020

The Joy of Journey

Inspired by adage, “The joy is in the journey”, in my Leadership workshops I often preach that the joy of life lies in the journey and not the intermittent destinations.  The consciousness of this adage has indeed helped me in life’s many pursuits.  Last year, as a Fellow program student at Indian School of Business, I began yet another life journey, the very first residency “The Philosophy of Science” steered by Prof. Sanjay Kallapur brought home one more time the same message that “The Joy of science lies in journey…

Although at several phases of life, the delight from my voyage has been more than that triggered by crossing a milestone: but it’s never been as vivid as currently.  Every single month, the cohort group pursuing Executive Fellow Program go to ISB; our pursuit is -- dive deep into a management/ leadership discipline, learn from the global experience and perspectives brought by the faculty and evolve/ refine our respective themes of research.  My additional motivation is to spend time with the accomplished bunch of classmates who inspire me, challenge my dreams, shape my thoughts and often illuminate the paths. 

Every single month, during past 8 months, I go to my abode ISB with a new treasure of my research dreams; that I would have passionately built with complete devotion.  I arrive at ISB’s residencies with a creator’s expression that is akin to the child who in her mind created the most amazing sandcastle in the world.  A castle that is grandiose with multiple gateways and embellishments of seashells & pebbles.  Similarly, every month, when I bring out my research treasure, it appears bigger than the sum of insights form years of professional practice.  The fate it meets is same: it only lasts until the next wave or a strong blow of wind.  And, I am back to square one, with enchanting sand around me, an appeal of seashells and the attraction to dreams to build my treasure-castle.

Initially, I thought a grander castle meant a bigger one or a more intricate one or perhaps the one which earned applause. However, slowly this is being replaced with the idea of an elegant castle, which may be humble yet hold a meaning, not just for me but others as well.  Perhaps my current idea of elegance may last till the next wave. 😊

Until then, the guiding force appears to be an Osho saying, ‘Knowledge functions as a wall: Innocence functions as a bridge’.  Can I sustain the innocence and not succumb to the intoxication of knowledge? Perhaps, that’s going to be the clue to enjoying my journey.

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