Monday 14 January 2019

To live your Potential, help others succeed

Our Trek to Kareri Lake - Camera Malathi Panchwagh

Writing this first blogpost of 2019, while the festivities, the greetings season and the new year resolutions are still on.  Isn’t it befitting to dream of going beyond ‘your best’ this year? Have you ever wondered, what does it take to move you beyond ‘your best’?  

How does one achieve that? Surpassing your peak.  At the start of this wonderful year, in response to this reflection, I am in touch with those occasions, when I have felt most fulfilled.  For me a sense of completion, fulfillment and the zenith has almost always been associated with others’ success. 

Whenever I have strived to make others happy & joyous I have been delighted.  I was rewarded every time I supported others accomplish their goals.  This has always been true; as a parent, manager/ leader, trainer, coach and consultant.  My colleague Suresh says, “If you make others successful, then the bigger success awaits you”.  This equation has proved itself many times over.  In the novel “The Palace of a Thousand Rainbows” Bilol Bose writes “…life is not a compulsion, it is the excitement of being worthwhile to someone you care for."

As a consultant when I focus on client benefits, as a coach/ mentor when I focus on the mentee’s potential, as a leader when I focus on results & team’s well being and as a parent when I am engaged with my child’s growth – I am focusing on their success.  And, such involvement, always brings out the best in us, leading us to unlock the hidden potential. 

The good part is that, this philosophy is contagious.  When I formed my consulting organization, it led us to coin the tagline “just add passion” (  The spirit of this tagline has always pushed us to strive for success of our clients. Over the years, we have reaped the rewards of deep satisfaction, state of flow and thriving. 

What makes it possible for families, organizations and communities to unlock their potential? It is a sense of abundance. An appreciation that the “win-win” is a ‘law of the nature’.  But in a paradigm characterized by fear, scarcity and competition - most of us in this world get caught in the win-lose propositions. 

So if you want this new year to better your previous best than one sure shot way is to contribute to others success around you.  Please remember that the definition of someone’s success must be seen from her/ his point of view; not yours.  Can you contribute towards success as defined by them? If you are unable to contribute than at least rejoice intheir success and not sulk, feel jealous or disappointed; for, these are the starting points of a downward spiral. 

As the 2019 unfolds, I am setting out the intent -- may we all and our loved ones find a sense of abundance and awaken the greatness within.


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  2. I fully agree with you Harish.Awsome write up!!