Monday 31 December 2012

Celebrate the right

This is an effort to give voice to my reflections.  A serious attempt at a blog after many abandoned efforts while welcoming 2013.  I hope my musings here resonate with you.

A very happy and joyous 2013 to you all.  Those of you who know my evangelical zeal for appreciative inquiry will understand why my blog is called Celebrate the Right.  However, the choice of the title may appear paradoxical, particularly today, when urban India is grappling with sadness due to demise of the most widely reported and covered rape victim.  A crime that incited millions across the country to voice in unison. 


What's there to celebrate? A lot.  The black bindi (the dot) to begin with... perhaps for the first time in several decades, a symbol created by people has united the so called urban irresponsible youth, the couch potatoes, and away-from-ground-realty citizens into taking up a just cause very responsibly.   They have demonstrated ability to create a level playing field between leaders and followers.  


A cause for what impacts tens of women every day and ruins thousands of spirits every year.  The sheer energy of protest pushing 'the powers that be' towards the righteous path is worth celebrating. The fact that comatose political and administrative powers have been stirred is worth celebrating. 


The earnest effort of media to debate various aspects connected with the issue - encompassing collective social psyche, punitive law, efficacy of policing, mindset of power & role-holders, plight of victims and slackness of judicial system is worth celebrating.


I wish 2013 becomes the watershed year for India in addressing the root-causes of heinous acts of eve-teasing, molestation and rape and the remedial steps to eradicate them.  I hope the momentum achieved over past few days is sustained and doesn’t get forgotten in the din of new year party music and Indo-Pak cricket.


In conclusion I have three specific wishes:

1.    The law enforcing agencies could lay ambush (aided with video cameras and voice recorders for evidence) to trap the perpetrators.  Volunteers of social organisations must come forward in support and offer their resources.

2.    VIP security could be drastically reduced and diverted for safety & security of common folk.

3.    Speedy justice can be achieved through court-room interrogation carried out by a panel of eminent citizens, the recordings of which can be presented in front of judges, lawyers and professors of Law at Universities.  The judges may of course carry out additional interrogation, which, in turn will save hasten the verdict.  

1 comment:

  1. I echo your thoughts and your article of faith.

    Your wish for the year 2013 must become the slogan of every Indian today...We must all pledge to eradicate the atrocious acts of eve-teasing, molestation, rape and sexual harassment.

    The Government of India must make punishment rigorous, uncompromising & speedy ...which will leave it for criminals to ponder if they still want to defy the Law.

    The Law should be such that a single women no longer feels the need to have a man to protect her and her family, it should be such where a parent does not have to worry about their daughter returning from her classes late in the evening, where a woman can dare to step out of the house even at 3 am incase of an emergency, where she is not treated as a commodity, where she is not a piece of meat, where she has the right to speak, dress the way SHE wishes to, wear the colour she wants to, where she is allowed to live her dream and where she is treated with
    RESPECT being a woman.
    I am waiting to celebrate that day...waiting to celebrate Womanhood,waiting to celebrate my freedom and every woman's freedom in India!

    Thank you Harish, for being so thoughtful...I hope every man thinks and feels the way you do.